Health Savings Accounts May Be the Answer For Healthcare Reform

It is hard to turn on the nightly news without hearing more and more of the increasingly ubiquitous healthcare debate. With one side pushing for government-funded healthcare for all and another side urging lawmakers to look for more affordable healthcare solutions, it can be tough to determine which healthcare reforms would best for the nation. However, just about everyone agrees that the current healthcare situation does require reform – and reform programs that are not only affordable, but also uphold the quality of the healthcare system across the country.

Health Savings Accounts are viable healthcare solutions that help to relieve the income tax burden for participants while allowing them to have a vehicle for saving money exclusively to cover the cost of their healthcare. But before anyone rushes to conclusions about what current healthcare solutions should be further developed or promoted, it is important to understand what is flawed with the current healthcare system and proposals.

Problems with the current healthcare system:

The current healthcare system is riddled with two major flaws: runaway inflation and lack of suitable coverage for individuals with pre-existing health conditions. While inflation may be difficult to control on a large scale, something surely needs to be done about the general tendency of health insurance providers to deny coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. These two problems are especially difficult to surmount for self-employed Americans and Americans working for small businesses.

Approximately 16 percent of all employed Americans are self-employed and 28 percent work for small businesses. Self employed individuals and individuals working for small businesses are often hard-pressed to find affordable healthcare plans that will provide suitable coverage for their healthcare needs while still meeting their budgetary restrictions.

The current healthcare reform proposals have a solution for the uninsurability issue: make all healthcare plans “guaranteed issue” regardless of an applicant’s preexisting conditions. With such a plan, any applicant would be able to get healthcare coverage. However, as a result of these more liberal healthcare membership plans, Americans would likely see rising healthcare and premium costs across the board. Simply put: there’s got to be a better solution for affordable healthcare for all.

Keys for a better healthcare system:


There are a couple of requirements for a better healthcare system that can help to ensure that plans are more affordable for the masses and that coverage maintains a level of quality for all recipients. The first of these two keys is transparency.

Many Americans receive healthcare services without ever knowing what the cost of those services are. This is because hospitals and doctors very rarely publish the prices for the services they offer and many Americans rely on their insurance policies to cover the costs. Without published prices, patients (or insurance companies) are often required to pay the cost of a service they receive without ever getting an opportunity to negotiate the price, look for competitive pricing elsewhere, or decline a service due to the price.

In turn, hospitals and doctors have little pressure to reduce their rates in order to stay competitive in the healthcare marketplace. Moreover, when insurance plans cover the cost of a service, patients rarely get involved with the process of finding the most affordable provider or solution.

However, when individuals have a Health Savings Account, they pay for their healthcare services directly, ensuring that they are aware of the prices for selected services that they have received. As the consumer becomes closely involved with paying for his or her healthcare services, the consumer is in a better position to look for competitive rates and options that can lower his or her costs.

Essentially, with Health Savings Accounts, consumers compare prices and quality of services, which, in turn, compels doctors, clinics, pharmacies, and all healthcare providers to improve their services, decrease their prices, and offer better solutions than the competition.

Competition is at the heart of a free market economy, such as the American economy, and helps to keep businesses constantly striving to improve their services, products, and affordability.

Personal responsibility

The second key for a better system requires the system to encourage each consumer to have personal responsibility when it comes to finances and decisions about their personal health. Most Americans would agree that they should not have to pay for another person’s medical expenses – especially if those medical expenses are a result of poor lifestyle choices.

However, with the current system and set of healthcare reform proposals, every American shares the burden of paying for the healthcare for every other American – regardless of an individual’s own use of the healthcare system. As any kindergartner might put it: that’s just not fair. Americans should, instead, be encouraged to have personal responsibility over their health and finances.

With a Health Savings Account, Americans are rewarded for having personal responsibility by being able to take advantage of a tax deduction that is equal to the amount of money they set aside in their health savings accounts to pay for medical expenses. By saving money for one’s own medical expenses, individuals will reduce their burden to society and be financially responsible community members. Moreover, when individuals know that they are responsible for the cost of their own healthcare, they are more likely to make wise decisions that will improve their health; not detract from it.

Americans will inevitably see many changes coming about in the healthcare system over the coming years as the current Presidential administration works closely with Congress to reform the system. By recognizing the efficacy and far-reaching potential of investing in Health Savings Accounts now, Americans can begin to develop financial autonomy that will allow them to make better decisions about their healthcare years down the road – regardless of what healthcare reform plan the nation adopts.

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Urgent Care Clinics Booming in Difficult Healthcare Market

The economic downturn, looming entitlement reforms and potential budget cuts in the United States at the federal and state level are allowing the growth of urgent care clinics, otherwise known as immediate care clinics, to substantially increase. This is considered to be a remedy to fill in the growing doctor shortage.

According to industry reports and spending by large healthcare operators, the number of urgent care clinics is projected to soar within the next decade. It is estimated that more than 8,000 urgent care clinics have been established – other numbers show 9,000 – and the Urgent Care Association of America reports eight to 10 percent annual growth.

Urgent care facilities are different than traditional hospitals and are rather similar to the health clinics found in places like Walmart and Walgreen because they are usually open on evenings and weekends and treat common health issues – some immediate care clinics do offer additional services like X-rays for broken bones.

Some medical professionals like to consider their urgent care clinics as after-hours doctors’ offices. Most of those who work in such an office do note, however, patients may not get to see a board-certified doctor or another kind of specialist.

A large percentage of walk-in clinics and urgent care offices are managed and operated by non-profit health systems, which receive donations and contributions in order to pay for construction and renovation costs, patient care program support, general operations costs and equipment purchases, according to the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s (AHP) annual Report on Giving study.

With so many of these operations setting up in malls, main streets and in major metropolitan cities, can the non-profit sector even pay for them? Well, Reuters is reporting that private equity firms have been investing money into urgent care clinics over the past few years. Although there is a tremendous risk in investing in these clinics because of the possibility of oversaturation and low insurance reimbursements, these firms work one-on-one with clinics to provide quality and to make profit.

Rand Health found that retailers are entering the healthcare marketplace too. Big box stores, such as Target and Walmart, only had a few of these clinics in the year 2000, but today there are more than 1,200.

“Retail clinics emphasize convenience, with extended weekend and evening hours, no appointments, and short wait times,” the organization states in its report. “More than 44 percent of retail clinic visits take place when physician offices are typically closed. Price transparency and low costs may also be particularly attractive for people without insurance.”

This is surely part of the profit-motive for these corporations.

Regardless of the concerns one may have over the private sector getting involved in such an industry, urgent care clinics are part of the nation’s future healthcare market, especially since President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is now law of the land and will add a burden to the system.

“Many factors could influence the future of retail clinics in the U.S. First, the growing body of evidence casting doubt on quality-of-care concerns could lead to greater acceptance and use of retail clinics,” Rand added.

“Full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could also lead to continued retail clinic growth. With more people insured and an increased demand for primary care under the ACA, access to primary care physicians could decrease. This may lead to increased demand for retail clinics. Similarly, if wait times for physician appointments increase-as has been the case in Massachusetts following its health reform-this could also increase retail clinic demand.”

Despite the concerns that some may have about private investment possibly cutting costs to increase its bottom line, urgent care clinics must offer remedies to health issues otherwise the consumer will go elsewhere to receive proper medical attention.

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Health Care Reform and Personalization: Will Healthcare Services Change?

What does health care reform mean to you? It might be better coverage if you can’t afford healthcare; It might mean higher deductibles and prices if you already have health insurance; Perhaps it means complicated changes to existing healthcare plans, insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and the confusion and delays of the Healthcare Marketplace to find a plan that works for you and that you can afford. One thing that it could mean for all of us is the personalization of healthcare.

When you go into a retail store to purchase something but you don’t know exactly where to look or what the right choice is, who do you ask? Generally people ask the retail sales associate.

The expectation is that they will know not only where the product is in the store, but the best purpose for it and how to use it. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, the “Retail Buying Experience”, we are more often than not disappointed. 2 out of 5 consumers become frustrated because the sales associate doesn’t have the expertise to guide them toward the right product for their specific needs. The survey findings really point to one word: personalization. What does “personalization” have to do with choosing medical services?

We will all be required to be smarter consumers of healthcare because more of us will be opting for High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in order to cut costs on rising healthcare costs and insurance premiums. The Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance companies cover basic preventive care services and tests which weren’t previously covered. Both companies and individuals may have already seen their premiums and costs rise due to these requirements. The individual responsibility mandate that everyone must purchase health insurance will push young, healthy individuals to seek out the least expensive options; frequently the HDHPs.

If you have been just going along with what your plan covers, now is the time to become more selective in the healthcare choices we make. You may want to be more proactive with your own individual wellness in an effort to stay healthier and keep your insurance premiums and health-related costs down. You may also choose to have lab tests whether they are covered by your insurance or not because you believe you need the information they will provide to measure and monitor your health. Independent labs may have medical assistants who are knowledgeable about the tests that they provide and can guide consumers to the ones that may be the most appropriate for their circumstances. If the lab test results are “abnormal” or “out-of-range”, you will be encouraged to then see your physician, but this may help you to avoid costs that aren’t needed.

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Getting Your Message Out in the Healthcare Marketplace

One of a medical practice or hospitals biggest challenges stems from the surplus of providers in most communities in the USA. Most physicians’ practices and even hospitals earn revenues that depend on the numbers of patients they take care of. And the competition for the health care dollar is fiercer than ever! A contemporary trend is to establish a physician “brand”. In the same way that companies advertise their products to create awareness, interest and desire, doctors have to do the same in order to attract more patients or clients to their medical practices and businesses.

Physician marketing is an all encompassing term that describes the various methods used to promote or advertise a medical practice or physician business.
Some of the forms this marketing can take are:

Having a website is crucial especially in this information age. With a simple click of a mouse, a curious or needy searcher can get all the data and information he or she needs to take action. Smart doctors now recognize the importance of a well-thought out and designed website to highlight not only their skills and practice or business details, but also to make a compelling case for why their practice or business is unique, special or different. Skilled webmasters and designers create websites that make it easy to be found in an online search. Having a website gives a physician a vehicle from which he or she can promote their specializations and capabilities.

Through medicine and health journals
Innovations, discoveries and clinical breakthroughs by a physician boost ones credibility and reputation. A medical discovery, a new treatment method or even a more efficient and effective way to provide care helps distinguish a physician and may attract more patients to a practice.

Positioning as an Expert
Of course, nothing beats being a recognized expert in a field. An expert is more likely to attract business (and revenue) as long as he or she continues to produce great results. In this case, “advertising” is likely to take the form of testimonials from satisfied patients or clients. This word of mouth advertising is free and often reliable as a source of generating new business.

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Health Care Sharing Ministries: An Alternative to the Healthcare Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has people and health insurance companies worried that their healthcare costs will go up. Historically, health insurance companies have been able to screen out those with pre-existing conditions or drop others who are costing them too much. With the ACA in place, they won’t be able to do that, so those paying for health insurance may pay more to cover sicker people who are now covered.

This mindset about sharing healthcare costs grates against some but is wholeheartedly accepted by others. An alternative to purchasing individual health insurance, if you aren’t already covered through work, Medicare, the Indian Health Service or several other government programs, may be a “health care sharing ministry”. These are not health insurance plans. They operate more like co-ops and are based on the Christian philosophy that we should care for each other rather than depending on a large, faceless corporation. True health insurance covers guaranteed medical services and charges premiums based on the actuarial risk of people getting sick. Medi-Share states on their website, “Medi-Share is NOT insurance. It’s a New Testament way of thinking about healthcare, built on the principles of Christians bearing each other’s burdens.”

In order to be exempt from the ACA the group must have been in existence since at least 1999 and must submit to an external financial audit each year. The groups are not regulated and have no obligation to pay for medical services. The three largest health care sharing ministries: Samaritan Ministries; Christian Care Ministries’ Medi-Share, and Christian Health Care Ministries. They have been providing medical coverage for their members since the 1990s.

Members pay a “share” each month which is then directed to the members who need the money for medical services. In this way, the members share the cost of medical services among the entire group. One member says “We care and pray for each other as people, not as customers”. Members usually know who is receiving money each month and members are encouraged to pray for these members.

There are some important caveats to programs like these. Members must be Christian and must commit to living a Christian lifestyle which usually includes no smoking, abuse of drugs or alcohol, extramarital sex or use of illegal drugs and may require attending church services. Teenagers must agree to the requirements to be covered.

The benefit to the members is that they can trust that their fellow members are not putting themselves at risk for diseases due to behaviors which the members feel are immoral. Because members decide what medical services will be covered, services which the group does not agree with, such as abortion, are not covered. Medical care needs caused by smoking, drinking alcohol, drug use or promiscuous behaviors are not usually covered. Many preventive services and medical tests for adults aren’t covered and members pay for those out of pocket, although preventive care for young children is usually included.

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Chiropractor – A Health Care Invention

A chiropractor is defined as a health care device with a professional touch for the diagnosis and intensive treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Their emphasis is on neuromuscular disorders, especially spine.

Most of the chiropractors are used as a pain reliever for the patients. That is why it has been given the title of being an alternative medicine to the subjected treatment.

Chiropractors firmly and honestly believe in the kind of relationship that developed between our nervous system and spine, this does not come as a surprise as we have already mentioned that the major area of focus for the chiropractor is the spine.

Here is the listing of few of the benefits received from Chiropractic health care

1. A great boost for stress reliever

It is a well known fact that too much of stress will always result in a bad outcome. Neither is it good for health nor is it good for our well being. When our nervous system moves out a bit from the track and our skeletal system seems to have shaken off from their proper position, there are very high possibilities that your entire body will feel out of balance as well. This is what will lead to stress in your entire functioning of the body. Here is when the functioning of a Chiropractor comes into use. It helps in balancing that stress and your body is immediately made to come back to its normal balance. Once you are made to adjust to this functioning you will feel much more equipped to manage this stress if it happens to arise again.

2. Posture perfection by Chiropractor usage

By using this chiropractor over a considerable period of time, these chiropractor adjustments can help in the alignments of the spine and brings a noticeable change in your posture. This is distinctly helpful when it comes to aligning the curve on your neck. As soon as you get into your working in an office phase, you have to spend hours after hours in front of a computer. Due to this from a very young age, people are seen to be having neck issues. If you continue a regular and dutifully maintained use of the chiropractor, you can improve your body posture in no time.

3. Moods are taken care of automatically

When with time your body gets adjusted with the working procedure of the chiropractor, your entire body gets balanced. The entire chemistry of the body is brought back on track. A lot of people who have not had the best of luck in chemical balance gain a lot from the chiropractic care. Depression which is a very serious mental condition also sees an immense improvement in the moods of the sufferer. So you see how a chiropractor is creating wonders in your mood related cases as well which are in a way related to the functioning of your entire body.

Thus we provide you with a gist of all that you can mainly expect from the usage of a chiropractor. It is efficient and it is useful and it is interlinked with many a thing’s improvement.

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Calamine Lotion Benefits

Calamine lotion has been around for a long time and was always used in the medical environment. Obviously, it isn’t as strong as most antiseptic chemicals but it is a lotion that prevents itching.

Calamine lotion can be used for various treatments which include damaged and itchy skin. When skin gets damaged it will get itchy because the cells are breaking and tearing apart. It may sound painful but the itch is what really gets to you. And who can resist scratching an itch?

Coming into contact with poisonous plants is common when camping or spending the day in a garden. These are plants that use poison as a self defence mechanism to save themselves from being cut or eaten. It’s also important to know your allergies as some people may have allergic reactions to certain plants. The calamine lotion can help to soothe the burning feeling and prevents any breakouts at the same time. This will help heal the rash and infection quicker in a painless way.

Baby skin is very sensitive to most surfaces including their nappies. The calamine lotion can help to heal the nappy rash or anything of the sort without burning your child’s skin. Keeping the rash as soothed as possible will make your child more comfortable.

Insect bites are common in any area of the world. These bites could also be slightly poisonous (in certain cases) which causes itching and inflation on the skin. Applying calamine lotion to the bite will soothe the wound and assist with the process of ridding the body of the harmless poison. Please remember that certain insects can also be dangerously poisonous and you should be aware of which insects and spiders can harm you greatly. Most insects that have many bright colours are often associated with high toxic levels.

Calamine lotion also assists with stretch marks and broken skin that occurs during pregnancy. There is nothing worse than having discomfort during pregnancy especially if it could be treated or prevented. Adding calamine lotion to your broken and itchy skin relieves the surface of the discomfort.

You can also apply it to other skin problems such as acne, dryness, eczema, psoriasis and as a normal moisturiser to improve complexion and quality of skin.

Calamine lotion can be found in most stores or in bulk quantities at cash and carry wholesale stores. If skin problems continue after the use of any treatments, there is a chance that your body is unable to cure itself of the infection. In such cases you would need to consult a dermatologist to find out the cause of the problem.

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Staying Safe While Behind The Wheel

There is nothing quite like being able to hit the road and experience a level of freedom in your own vehicle. While your car can offer you a chance to escape from the monotonous routine of your daily life, it is also important to keep basic maintenance in the forefront of your mind. When something goes wrong with your ride, it can lead to some serious financial problems and general frustration. In fact, you might discover that some aspects of maintenance are less obvious than others. This is especially true of areas like windshield glare.

When you are driving on a particularly sunny day, you might not be able to see the road in front of you. The sun can be harsh and unforgiving, and this can have a huge impact on your ability to see clearly while you’re driving. Instead of chalking this up to the way that it is, you might want to take action and discover the right solutions with Crystal Fusion Technologies. Explore the different ways to improve your driving experience and learn how to stay safe while you’re behind the wheel.

A Frustrating Glare

Sunlight on the windshield can be a serious threat. A sunny day is perfect for going to the beach, having a lazy picnic in the park, or simply soaking up some rays. Unfortunately, the sun is also incredibly bright at certain times during the year. When light bounces off or gets filtered through the glass on your windshield, it creates an obstruction that cannot be easily remedied. While you might try and put on some shades, you’ll discover that this solution only gets you so far. A real remedy is in order for a lasting fix.

Companies like Crystal Fusion Technologies have put a lot of time and energy into crafting solutions that aim to improve this situation. Cutting the glare on your windshield is not an easy task and you need to make sure that you are taking the right steps to see improved results. With the assistance of the best products on the market, you can use cutting edge technology to divert the rays of the sun in a way that does not upset your driving in the slightest. Research your options to discover the perfect fit.

Driving On

Staying safe while on the road is important for many reasons. People tend to go through routine maintenance for their vehicles to ensure that no unforeseen issues arise while behind the wheel. This usually takes care of areas like oil changes, tire rotations, and other important areas. Still, maintenance neglects issues that are inherent by design. Windshield glare cannot be fixed with regular maintenance. You need to go above and beyond to protect yourself when you’re on the road so be sure to look over your options.

There are many ways to protect yourself when you’re out driving in your car. When you are paying attention to all angles of your experience, it can be a lot easier for you to spot a problem in advance. Learn about how products by Crystal Fusion Technologies might be able to improve your experience by using windshield protective coating regards to windshield glare. Explore your options and you can find the best solution for your troubles.

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Various Health Benefits of Meditation

The ancient practice of meditation is gaining popularity again in modern times. As this practice goes main stream, more and more people are enjoying its benefits. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhyana’ meditation means attention and contemplation. It is a practice to help focusing the attention away from everything to achieve a relaxed state of peace and balance. This practice is designed to promote relaxation, develop love, patience and compassion and build internal energy to overcome stressful situations.

One of the reasons for growing popularity of meditation is the scientific research proving its amazing range of benefits and healing properties. It helps a person increase his focus, eliminate negative thoughts and anxiety. Here are some of the popular health benefits of meditation:

- Reduces Stress – Stress is the most common problem of people in present times. Meditation induces a state of relaxation which is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels. It restores the emotional balance which will help in enhancing self-esteem, increase awareness and optimism.

- Deals with Chronic Pain – Meditation helps in reducing pain of patients suffering from chronic pain.

- Improves Sleep – It helps in improving sleep quality and cures the symptoms of amnesia.

- Improves Immunity – When the body is relaxed and stress free, the immune system is able to prepare itself to fight against various diseases.

- Provides relief from Blood Pressure and Heart Ailments – Simple daily practice of meditation can help in lowering blood pressure which will reduce the risk of hypertension. Over the time, the heart rate can also be lowered, improving the cardiovascular system. Research has proved that it has helped in managing heart diseases in many patients.

- Improves Concentration – It helps in increasing the strength and focus of your attention. It can help you think better and generate more new ideas.

- Generates Compassion – It can help to increase positive feelings and actions towards others. By practicing meditation, people learn to extend kindness and develop forgiveness.

- Helps in Fighting Addictions – The discipline developed through meditation helps in increasing self control, awareness and breaking dependencies. Research has shown that it helps people in redirecting attention, increase willpower and control impulses. It helps in developing discipline to avoid triggers for unwanted things and fight and recover from addiction.

The importance of meditation can be felt never like before in present times. With routines getting busier and more and more stressful, meditation is a good driving force that can help people cope up with the intricacies of modern lifestyle.

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Remove Unwanted Facial And Body Hair Using Laser Treatment

Removing unwanted hair is time-consuming and repetitive no matter what your preferred hair removal technique is, and whether you shave, pluck, wax, thread or use depilatory creams, the hair will always grow back. You’ll find the skin on your face is sensitive, and constantly using harsh hair removal treatments can cause a great deal of skin irritation.

All women have hair on the face, usually it’s fair and fine and is difficult to see, but those with darker hair are not so lucky. You will find that most of your female friends have the same issues when it comes to unwanted facial hair. The hair on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and sideburns can all be very embarrassing and cause you a great deal of insecurity. It seems that every time you think you’ve disposed of unwanted hair, you’ll find more of it sprouting up somewhere else, and even after you get rid of the hairs, they just grow back.

You can cover up your excess hair in areas that aren’t constantly exposed, but the hair on your face is always on display, and it can seem as though everyone is always looking at the hairs on your upper lip, chin or sideburns. A good way to get rid of unwanted hair is with laser hair removal.

Benefits of laser hair removal:

It permanently reduces hair safely
It’s a fast treatment time
The results will boost your self-confidence
Prevents razor bumps and irritation
Laser treatment causes only minimal discomfort
Laser energy gets absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, and this laser energy is then converted to heat, causing thermal damage to the follicle without harming the surrounding skin. This results in hair growth being stopped in the damaged follicle.
Generally for white skin you’ll need around 6 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, and this usually results in 80% of hair removal. Darker or black skin may need around 8 treatments, resulting again in 80% of hair removed.

Most clients experience minimal discomfort; some may experience a minor stinging or pinching sensation on the skin as we deliver the laser pulses, but we can offer topical anaesthetic cream to make treatments more comfortable.

Although we can perform laser hair removal treatment on white or black skin, lasers only work on hair which has pigment, because it absorbs the laser light and allows the heat to build up and diffuse throughout the follicle to destroy it. Therefore it’s not possible to treat white, grey, and blond hair by laser.

If you need help choosing a cosmetic procedure, we provide an extensive range of cosmetic procedures for the face and body: Botox, Vaser Lipo, Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers and many more treatments, to help create a younger, slimmer, more youthful looking you!

The Selston Cosmetic Clinic is located in Selston, Nottingham, where we offer a bespoke service with a personalised touch and deliver high client satisfaction. We have been involved in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years

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